Educational Podcasts…Listen up!

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This week our summer class also looked at an article that compiled 50 educational podcasts:

After visiting several of the links, the podcasts that personally stood out to me include:

1. Grammar Girl  – As a teacher returning to a 7th grade language arts classroom next year, I see this podcast as potentially useful for student instruction.  As a future media specialist, I can see myself sharing this link with the language arts department.  My school is pursuing a second full instructional year of Readers and Writers Workshop. A resource like this might be helpful to teachers looking to maximize instructional time while they are conferencing.

2. The Flipped Learning Network –  Who hasn’t heard about flipped learning these days?  As an emerging librarian in a district that is actively pursuing 1:1 laptop intiative across all secondary schools (6-12), this resource stands out as a big one.  Listening to these podcasts can help a school librarian collaborate more effectively across the curriculum and support teachers experimenting with flipped learning for the first time.

3. LitTech –  This podcast is specifically for librarians who want to learn about the latest and greatest in technology and how it intersects with literary educators.  For example, the most recent cast was on eBooks – a topic with constantly changing information!

4.  TED Talks –  Who doesn’t love inspirational talks?  While these fall under educational talks, you can use segments of these talks across all areas of life.

This week I am also sharing the link to an interesting TED talk.  I was preparing a docslide for another assignment in my summer class and it required us to work from a blank slide.  We couldn’t use any themes and I was overwhelmed by the number of directions I could take.  For a creative person, I felt pretty uncreative this week!  It only got worse as I saw all the fabulous drafts created by my peers.  I wondered, What is wrong with my brain this week?? As I sifted through the TED talks one title stood out to me.  It is by author Amy Tan and it is titled Where does creativity hide?  I was hoping she could help me process why I struggled so much with our assignment.  I’m not sure if it hit the mark, but it was very, very interesting to hear her talk and see her present! ** iTunes gives you both the podcast and video version.  It certainly helps me tap into her creativity process as a writer and informs my position next year as a facilitator of 7th grade Readers and Writers Workshop.  If you click on this link, it is TED talk #88.  Enjoy!


3 responses to “Educational Podcasts…Listen up!

  1. I tried to do a flipped classroom this year. I probably need to listen to those podcasts because I gave up about halfway through the year. I was putting a LOT of work into videos (digital links online and DVD copies for no Internet households) for the kids to work on at home, and several either didn’t watch at all or I found out they were skipping through it. Guess I wasn’t entertaining enough for them LOL. I will try again someday.

  2. Monica I also choose Grammar Girl. I immediately thought of you and teaching language arts. What a great resource for students to have at home or to start a lesson with.

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