Help Desk Internship in the Library


The school year is in full swing and this fall we’ve been busy building student help desk opportunities.   With our school implementing a 9th-12th grade laptop program in the 2015-2016 school year, we moved towards a student led technology help desk. As we became familiar with student volunteers and their individual interests, we wondered if volunteering could blossom into a credit-based internship.  

My co-librarian and I met with the career specialist to discuss the community internship program.  We wanted to organize an IT help desk experience that was more comprehensive than volunteering.  Instead of traveling to a community organization, students would remain on-site and assist with our school’s technology help desk and explore a range of responsibilities from various IT positions.   Internship tasks would include:

  • writing tech tickets
  • creating tutorials
  • deploying to classrooms for individual student support
  • product research
  • public service announcements
  • analyzing tech tickets for trends
  • blogging on tech topics

Students would also have opportunities to work on division level projects that reflect the IT experiences of the division level help desk.  These tasks might include product research and testing and are directly rooted in the IT job descriptions of our school system.  

Fast forward to this fall and we currently have six interns in the program.  The career specialist is the teacher for the community internship program and we (the librarians) serve as the site supervisors.  Students were offered two division-level opportunities to train in areas such as: accurate ticketing in our system and hardware repair.  Opportunities occurring outside of school hours are voluntary.  Interns are currently writing blogs on technology tips and creating articles that can be attached to resolve help desk tickets.   Opportunities continue to emerge but the success of this program hinges on the collaborative relationship the library fosters between our career specialist, our school-based technology leaders, and the larger division technology department.  We hope to share more as this program unfolds.  


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